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Logo Wildsilver


Accompany Velven on a mission to save her sister Soire who has been poisoned by a Basilisk. Meet a little robot with a hammer and a brave knight from the capital who offer their help and venture right into the lair of the fierce dragon.


From there, the story takes a few turns to become god-slayingly epic as expected from a game of this genre. You will acually get to see the capital yourself, find out what ancient secrets it hides and, though courage, skill and, to be fair, some lucky circumstances, save the world from destruction.


Explore environments, find chests, fight monsters, get stronger, learn skills, buy items, customise equipment, solve puzzles, talk to people, break urns. In that order if played as designed.


  • 15 hours of playtime
  • epic and emotional story
  • easy-going progression with some challenges
  • ATB system (you can choose between wait and active mode)
  • robotic companion (people seem to like Gilbert a lot)
  • many ways of accumulating power
  • many reversible customisation options (that is, equipment with effects)
  • finisher skills
  • clean level design and user interfaces
  • smooth lighting, tilt shift, parallax water and other visual effects
  • self-written soundtrack with 40+ tracks
  • awesome sound effect for critical hits (this is more important than you’d think!)
  • many cutscenes, but mainly short ones (I hope this is a good compromise)
  • British English
  • no time pressure (I didn’t like this in Majora’s Mask or Pikmin)
  • no missable items (no need to keep a guide and double-check every 5 minutes)
  • no game over (except for elite and boss battles)



Play Wildsilver!

Immerse yourself in the world of Wildsilver, save Velven’s sister Soire from the Basilisk’s poison, then venture forth to places and adventures even more epic!

Asset Creator?

Are you one of the talented people who have made assets used in Wildsilver? Send me a message! You’ll get the game for free, of course!

If you have created assets that you think would fit this game phenomenally, please get in touch as well!

Letsplayer? Streamer?

If you’re a letsplayer or streamer with a regular schedule that would have a slot for a session of Wildsilver, I’ll gladly provide you with a key as well!