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LV99: Final Fortress

So …

You love JRPGs for their epic late game?

Then why not skip the boring Stuff?

  • Venture straight into the final dungeon of this heroic journey,
  • Lay aside your legendary equipment for even better pieces,
  • Slay bosses and super bosses with versatile skills and mighty finishers!

Three Girls, two Gods

Portrait Ariel
Portrait Billie
Portrait Celsia

Maradook and Gorth, evil gods from ancient times, have been sealed away in the Final Fortress. At the eleventh hour before their awakening, three heroines have gathered and arrive at the fortress: Ariel, the chosen one; Billie, a dragon-slaying princess from the north; Celsia, a witch-turned-magician with stellar talent, but no temperament to speak of.

LV99. Final Fortress Screenshot 1
Entering the Alpha Dungeon …

Analyse — equip — destroy!

A number of bosses stand in the way before the heroines can take on an ancient god. Strategic combinations of equipment and skills are required to stand a chance. After each battle, a new piece of ultra-legendary equipment is acquired which provides higher stats, a passive effect and a powerful skill. Only the most synergetic combinations may prevail against the power of an ancient god!

LV99. Final Fortress Screenshot 2
A strolling graveyard. Yeah, why not.

Oh, and there’s other Things …

Follow delightful conversations, solve puzzles, collect collectibles and listen to some self-written music. Find metroidvania-style items and upgrade your Celestial Tea while you’re at it! Maybe you can even fill that fourth character slot with an unexpected, but powerful ally? There’s a lot to do, all crammed into a 5-hour experience.

LV99. Final Fortress Screenshot 3
A block-pushing puzzle. Classic.

Get started now! Finish before Lunch or Dinner!

It’s not that short, but I kinda liked the claim. Anyway, give it a try! Get LV99: Final Fortress here:

More Screenshots

I spent quite some time on the art style of the game. Please have another look: