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Welcome, gamer!

You like retro graphics mixed with modern JRPG gameplay and some educated attempts at innovation? Then please have a look at the indie JRPGs I make for fun!

newest Game: Wildsilver Demo

The Wildsilver Demo could be considered a condensed version of Wildsilver (which is scheduled for release this year) in terms of gameplay. It includes most of the characters, skills, equipment, items and enemies that are planned for the full game. There’s no plot, however, no quests, no puzzles. The game elements and locations may or may not be part of the full game. That depends on your feedback! 🙂



In November 2022, I gave Nintendo Watcher a pretty extensive interview about the development of Wildsilver!

Free Download

The Wildsilver Demo is available for Windows and Mac. Play it now and let me know what you think!

Let’s make this an awesome game!

Other Games

My first game, released on 28 December 2014. Available for free here and on platforms like IndieDB or

The expanded and streamlined remake, released on 1 January 2019. Available on Steam.

My most recent game, released on 8 July 2020. Also available on Steam.

Social Media

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