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Welcome, gamer! 🎮

You like retro graphics mixed with modern JRPG gameplay and some educated attempts at innovation? 🚀

Then please have a look at the indie JRPGs I’ve been creating for more than 10 years! 🧙

News: Wildsilver is out now on Steam too!

6 November 2023

The game has finally been released on Steam! 🥳

It took some time, but there it is. Please wishlist or buy!

News: Wildsilver is out now!

22 September 2023

After 3 years of hard work, version 0.9.x of Wildsilver is now available on! 🥳

It contains the complete story, all skills, items, equipment, enemies, locations et cetera. ✅

It’s a full gaming experience, but there will be regular patches with improvements. ✨

Version 1.0.0 will be released once I feel like development is practically done and there are no ‘should-dos’ anymore. A piece of art is never finished, only abandoned, but this will be the point where I don’t make changes proactively anymore (while still reacting to feedback). Version 0.9.x is priced at 4,99 USD, while version 1.0.x will be 9,99 USD. 🔮




In November 2022, I gave Nintendo Watcher a pretty extensive interview about the development of Wildsilver! 💬


Wildsilver is available for Windows and Mac. 💻

Play it now and let me know what you think! 😊

Let’s continue making this an awesome game together! 💪

Other Games

My first game, released on 28 December 2014. Available for free here and on platforms like IndieDB or

The expanded and streamlined remake, released on 1 January 2019. Available on Steam.

My most recent game, released on 8 July 2020. Also available on Steam.

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