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16-Bit Masterpieces: Illusion of Gaia & Terranigma

Let’s discuss two peculiar 90s action RPGs that continue to captivate players with their stories, gameplay and music. These timeless classics offer an unforgettable experience that resonates deeply, even decades later. Here’s why.

Featured Image Long Games

How long to beat: Do Games need to be 60 Hours?

Is a longer game a better game? Dive into my world of too many games to play and let me tell you exactly why you, as a game developer, should streamline your games and tell your story to-the-point.

Features Image Wildsilver Dev Update

Wildsilver: Dev Update

Wildsilver has been in development for quite some time now. A so-called ‘Demo’ has been released in 2021, and since then, new screenshots from the full version of the game were regularly shown on Instagram and Facebook. However, I think it’s time for a more detailled update.


Turn-based-JRPG Survey 2022: Results

Some weeks ago, I created a short survey and posted it on Instagram and in some Facebook groups themed around RPGs. The survey consisted in a number of questions about preferences in turn-based JRPGs. Here are the results.

Featured Image 10 Classics

10 favourite Classics: These Games need a Remaster

There are many old games that were extraordinarily good at their time. Some of them are still good today. But the gaming industry has evolved. Here’s a list of NES, SNES, N64 and GCN classics that would benefit from new technology and expertise.

Featured Image RPG Maker XY. My Hopes for the next Instalment

RPG Maker XY: My Hopes for the next Instalment

A new RPG Maker will be released this year: RPG Maker Unite. But I’m not as hyped as I should be. Instead of Unite’s brand-new approach to making RPGs, I would prefer just a significant upgrade — not an MZ Ace, but something even better —, and I’d like to discuss with you the features that would make our lives as RPG creators much easier.

Featured Image RPG Maker MZVS

RPG Maker MZVS: Enhance Gameplay and Visuals with this Plugin Library

New RPG Maker functionality is added with each new instalment, but only very ‘carefully’. Thus, you may want to increase the design space and the visual appeal of your games by using plugins. For RPG Maker MZ, I highly recommend the VisuStella library. Here’s why.

Featured Image Wildsilver Demo. 'Kind of its own Thing'

Wildsilver Demo: ‘Kind of its own Thing’?

I keep telling people that the Wildsilver Demo isn’t your ordinary demo, but ‘kind of its own thing’. It doesn’t simply consist in the first section of the full game, but works as a (gameplay-focussed) game itself. Here’s how it came about — and why.

Featured Image Wildsilver Demo. Let's make this an awesome Game!

Wildsilver Demo: Let’s make this an awesome Game!

Wildsilver will be the most complex Great Potions game and will need quite some time in development. Therefore, a demo has been released on Steam to at least give you a glimpse of what is coming — and to make sure the battle mechanics are actually fun before I dive deep into creating the game around them.

Featured Image Creative Phases in Game Development

Creative Phases in Game Development: Why release a Prototype?

Thus far, I have created my games following a game design document rather strictly. It is time to shake things up – and release the Wildsilver prototype way ahead of the full game. Isn’t player feedback the most valuable when there is actually time to incorporate it?