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Featured Image: Facebook Questions

Q&A: Answering my Facebook Group Questions

This year, I’ve been posting questions in Facebook groups every Saturday. I think it might be interesting — for me and for you — to answer a few of the questions myself.

Featured Image Perfect Jrpg

The perfect JRPG: An Outline for Square Enix

What would my perfect JRPG look like? From the protagonist to the final boss, here’s my outline for Square Enix to base their next game on. Please?

Featured Image Wildsilver

Wildsilver: The definitive Great Potion Game

In 2021, I released the Wildsilver Demo. In 2023, the full version of the game will finally be out. I think it’s time to tell you guys exactly what to expect from this game I’ve been calling the ‘magnum opus’ of GPG.

Eatured Image Quintet Dilogy 1

16-Bit Masterpieces: Illusion of Gaia & Terranigma

Let’s discuss two peculiar 90s action RPGs that continue to captivate players with their stories, gameplay and music. These timeless classics offer an unforgettable experience that resonates deeply, even decades later. Here’s why.

Featured Image Long Games

How long to beat: Do Games need to be 60 Hours?

Is a longer game a better game? Dive into my world of too many games to play and let me tell you exactly why you, as a game developer, should streamline your games and tell your story to-the-point.

Features Image Wildsilver Dev Update

Wildsilver: Dev Update

Wildsilver has been in development for quite some time now. A so-called ‘Demo’ has been released in 2021, and since then, new screenshots from the full version of the game were regularly shown on Instagram and Facebook. However, I think it’s time for a more detailled update.

Features Image Turn Based Jrpg Survey 2022. Results 1

Turn-based-JRPG Survey 2022: Results

Some weeks ago, I created a short survey and posted it on Instagram and in some Facebook groups themed around RPGs. The survey consisted in a number of questions about preferences in turn-based JRPGs. Here are the results.

Featured Image 10 Classics

10 favourite Classics: These Games need a Remaster

There are many old games that were extraordinarily good at their time. Some of them are still good today. But the gaming industry has evolved. Here’s a list of NES, SNES, N64 and GCN classics that would benefit from new technology and expertise.