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Wildsilver Logo (white)

Turn-based indie JRPG made with experience,
now on and Steam


It’s Friday evening. There’s no work and no event.
Some gaming would be nice, but nothing too complicated.
A real game, though, no casual one.

Well, how about Wildsilver?

Icon Story

Epic and emotional 15-Hour Story

Help Velven brew the Elixir to cure her sister’s Basilisk poisoning! Meet a little robot and a brave knight and venture into the lair of the fierce dragon. And then … well … see for yourself.

Icon Battles

Active-Time Battle System with Skill Synergies

Fight enemies, elites and bosses in various environments! Choose your equipment and passives strategically to gain an advantage over your opponents. Use spells and finishers for all-deciding power turns.

Icon Quality

Highly polished after 3 Years of Work

With the feedback gaines from Wildsilver Zero, the prototype of this game, all systems have been carefully re-crafted. Content has been added, removed, streamlined and expanded for the perfect Wildsilver experience.

Please have a Look!

Watch the Trailer!

Here’s a List of Features!

  • 15 hours of playtime
  • epic and emotional story
  • easy-going progression with some challenges
  • ATB system (you can choose between wait and active mode)
  • robotic companion (people seem to like Gilbert a lot)
  • many ways of accumulating power
  • many reversible customisation options (that is, equipment with effects)
  • finisher skills
  • clean level design and user interfaces
  • smooth lighting, tilt shift, parallax water and other visual effects
  • self-written soundtrack with 40+ tracks
  • awesome sound effect for critical hits (this is more important than you’d think!)
  • many cutscenes, but mainly short ones (I hope this is a good compromise)
  • British English
  • no time pressure (I didn’t like this in Majora’s Mask or Pikmin)
  • no missable items (no need to keep a guide and double-check every 5 minutes)
  • no game over (except for elite and boss battles)

You can download Wildsilver on as well as Steam.